What’s it like working at The Movie Hub?

This week we’ve had young people in The Movie Hub on work experience from Northampton Academy. This is what they said:

Emma: During my work experience at Reelscape I got to learn how to use sound recording equipment, and then use it behind the scenes of a real film being recorded. This was a really great experience, because I got to experience what it’s like behind the set of a film and how the director works. I also saw how the staff worked together as a team to produce the content of the film. It was also interesting to see how long it takes to record a short piece of a film, and how many roles there are, besides being the actors or the director. I believed this helped me gain a greater understanding of how film is created.


Tyra: I have been challenged with many activities in the Hub and also got to try and work in an environment many aspiring film workers would like to be in. This includes shooting behind the scenes for movies, working with many movie sets, getting in contact with people from film industry and even getting the opportunity to be part of a TV show. This has been a fun few days and I am excited for what the rest of the week entails for me and my colleagues.


Caitlin: My experience at Reelscape over the past week has been incredibly useful in terms of learning about and experiencing the film and television industry. We filmed some behind the scenes footage of the filming of a trailer, which will be used to generate funding for a feature film. Using the equipment, and watching professionals use the equipment, was interesting and helpful for learning about how films are made. It has been a great experience in which I have been able to talk to professionals from the industry and gain a more in depth knowledge on the industry I aim to be a part of.


Tiffany: I am currently at Reelscape at Weston Favell on work experience. For me, the most interesting thing I have done was help on set of a short film by David East on called ‘Enceledus’. I had to help operate a tube that was probing a poor man in bed while his wife got abducted by aliens!! *spoiler alert*. I had to crawl behind the bed and fit into this tiny space and pull the tube down to give the illusion of an alien probing. It was pretty funny, and another actor who was acting as the alien hand pretended to feed it through his nose. Creepy stuff!


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