Reelscape Community volunteers blog from Week 1: Reelscape Family Workshop – the script

Reelscape Family Workshop – Week 1 (Saturday January 10th) Scripting

Scene 1

The shop, located opposite Nationwide in Weston Favell Shopping Centre, is buzzing with Reelscape Community members, awaiting the next workshop. The shop floor is complete with a Fortune Cookies set – dining table, chairs, TV and Chinese New Year signs.

Families with a mix age range of children arrive. Some children rush in, others run back for a quick kiss from mum. Children eye the table with squash and biscuits. The families form a circle, with the younger members filling in worksheets about themselves and their interests.

Scene 2

Becky introduces the workshop, and what Fortune Cookies is all about. She passes around scripts from the film. There are gasps from the group when Becky says £1 million is a low budget movie.

Scene 3

Family groups break off and read through sections of the Fortune Cookies script. The families understand the story line. There is excitement from some children as Becky produces a flipchart from behind the set, and the group circle reforms.

The group discuss elements of the story to get a feel for it.

Scene 4

The family groups focus on a particular scene. They do an animated read through before standing up and acting our their own scenes. Group one are on their feet first, involving the Mah Jong table in their scene. Group 2 are quick to follow, incorporating the fake TV into their scene.

Scene 5

It’s circle time again. Each group listens and watches intently as they perform their scenes to one another. Becky discusses the ‘crux’ of Fortune Cookies with the group and the elements of Chinese culture within it.

Scene 6

The group talk about the process of working together, and the conventions of working as a group. Jail was suggested as a punishment for misbehaviour but was disregarded!

The workshop winds down. Some of the children and parents do mini interviews about their time during their first workshop.

Next week will be cameras and lights. Exciting.

– Written by Zach Patel-Champion

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